Content Management System

Our Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to allow users with little or no web design or programming experience to maintain and update content on a web site. It provides an editor for the content, along with security for granting access to update or delete content, and some kind of workflow management for the content. Workflow management includes entry, approval, and publishing steps so that a user can enter new content. Content is often dated, sometimes with an expiration date and our CMS meets these requrements.

Content Management System (CMS) features:

  • Valid HTML output;
  • Updates are instantaneous, and appear immediately on your live website;
  • Content is fully searchable. You can find out how frequently and when a phrase is mentioned on the page(s);
  • Ability to view page(s) history. You can see what the page looked like in the past.

Our CMS is very customizable and extendable. If you need something extra we’ll do it for you.